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App Name:

Release Date:
Wednesday 10th July 2019

Apple iOS (8.0 and above)



Matt Jogela-Hall

Based In:
Derbyshire, UK

WANTED astronauts with nimble fingers and fast reactions!



NimbleNaut is an intense shoot-em-up designed to test your reactions as you dodge enemy shots, choose power ups and duck behind cover to preserve your 1 life.  

Should you die, there is the option to continue so you can practise or push through tougher bosses, but beware each time you continue your score is reset to 0.  

The controls are tight and precise with sensitivity settings from relative touch to virtual joystick.

There are 4 stackable power ups, each with different merits as well as the ability to absorb enemy shots and you can always use them to ram enemies.

If the going gets too tough you can turn the difficulty down or if you relish a challenge you can turn it up to face even tougher but more rewarding enemies.  Your beam weapon will deal double damage at the higher difficulty levels.

Your can share your High Score on the Game Center leaderboard, and there are bonuses to boost your score for destroying multiple bosses or playing on the higher difficulty levels.

App Store Description:
Blast off and battle 11 unique bosses.
Choose power ups wisely to boost your firepower or defenses.
Find gaps in swirling shot patterns or use cover to your advantage.

Precise touch controls with sensitivity setting from relative touch to virtual joystick.

Power Ups
All 4 power ups are stackable, they absorb enemy shots and can also be used to ram enemies.

Front Pod – A familiar sight in any SHMUP, never as good as the original but still fun.

Heavy Cannons – Twin slow but powerful plasma cannon.

360 Lasers – Guns that mirror your movement allowing 360 aiming.

Orbs – Zen calm spinning orbs that protect you.

Secondary Weapon
Collect stars to power your beam weapon, more stars means longer beam duration.

5 Difficulty settings (default is 2).  At higher levels enemies are tougher but more rewarding, both score and number of stars dropped scale with difficulty.  Beam weapon deals double damage at higher difficulty levels.

Unlimited continues lets you practise or push through tougher bosses, but beware each time you continue your score is reset to 0. 

Game Center
High scores leaderboard and achievements.

Bonus x2 x3 up to x10 is awarded for defeating each Boss.

Each enemy is worth 10 points, increasing to 25, 50 or 75 points at higher difficulty levels.

Each boss is worth 1000 points, increasing to 1500, 2000 and 2500 at higher difficulty levels.

Each star is worth 2 points, increasing to 3, 4 or 5 at higher difficulty levels.

App Store Link:
NimbleNaut on the App Store

NimbleNaut is the work of midnight coder Matt Jogela-Hall.  A vintage 1973 geek who feels compelled to make things.  After getting a Mac Mini for his birthday in 2011 he started staying up late at night to learn how to code and to experience the joys and horrors of indie game development.